3 ThinkPen®

Thinkpen Meaning of Colours plus NASA

ThinkPen® is the third of my three unique processes – this time using a physical tool. Using a four-colour pen, the ThinkPen® process gives anyone the ability to approach any thinking task in a well-balanced way.  Humans have a natural tendency to play to their preferred strengths – a bit like our preference for our right or left hand.  Many tasks need both hands, however.  In fact, the more complex the task, the more useful it is to have more limbs!  Driving with all four limbs is far easier!

In a similar way, it is all too easy to be just an activist, or a pragmatist, a theorist or a reflector (Honey and Mumford).  It’s all too easy to be an optimist or a pessimist.  Well, with the ThinkPen® you can be all things to all people one colour at a time!  It’s like having four hands for your thoughts, four brains, or four personalities on your personal Master-Mind Board of Directors.  Of course, you’ll have a starting point with stronger preferences for certain types.  If you’d like to discover your dominant thINKing style, you can download a questionnaire here and send your results to lex_mckee@me.com

You can use the ThinkPen® to plan effectively, to avoid costly mistakes, to achieve balance in your life, and to create a better future for yourself and all you care about.

I use it extensively as part of my unique approach to Living Coaching – and you can find some of the insights on this blog.

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