1 Living Organisations®

Living Organisations v3

Living Organisations® is the most important gift I’ve ever received as an insight.  It offers a strategy for building and living a life-to-the-full.  I like the wisdom found in the New Testament, and even Jesus Himself had this self-same Mission: “I have come that you might have Life… and have it to the full!”  So I feel I’m onto a good thing with this!

I have three unique processes that I want to share with the everyone who’s up for this.  Living Organisations®, Entertrainment®, andThinkPen® – and you can find about about each process on their dedicated pages.  Liviing Organisations is a strategic model for making work and life worth living.  It is based on the very recipe for life we find in Nature.  It is used by all Living Organisms.

  • Movement – all Living Organisms are on the move – they are moving towards more of what they’d prefer, or away from what they’d like to avoid.  I know which option is better!
  • Nutrition – all Living Organisms need energy.  To get this, they feed!  What you feed on can really enhance your life or sap your energy.
  • Reproduction – all Life has one consuming passion – to reproduce itself.  Talent must be preserved and passed on to the future.
  • Excretion – now there’s an interesting aspect for living a life to the full!  Yes, folks dealing with ‘waste’ is vital to your well-being.
  • Growth – a sense of progress whether by growing wiser, taller, bigger, or deeper – all Living Organisms need to grow in order to be fruitful.
  • Respiration – an exchange where what we feed on is converted through respiration.  But respiration is give-and-take.  It is never a one-way process, so all Living Organisations need to give back to the environment in which they conduct business.
  • Sensitivity – without which we perish.  How many colleagues have your heard complaining about the fact that they are never listened to, or that their efforts aren’t valued enough?  Sensitiivity is the final key to an organisation’s vitality.  Before we can lead, we must listen and learn.

Here are the facts of Life: if you aren’t enjoying complete success in all 7 aspects of Life, you aren’t living a life to the full.  As an organisation, you are in danger of becoming… extinct!  The recipe is true for big organisations, SMEs, families, churches, individuals… yes, It’ll work for you and me too.

If you don’t see yet why this is important, I’ve got good news for you.  This is why I am vital to the best future you can have – and I promise you, you cannot get these insights from any other source.  I say this because although these insights did hit me with all the force of a Mountain-Top Revelation, they actually didn’t come overnight.  My whole life has been building towards this time… and I believe it is my destiny and privilege to share it with others so that we can all benefit.  The choice is simple: you can walk 50 years in my shoes, or you can walk with me now on the most amazing journey where all the hard territory has already been crossed.

This unique process forms a framework for what I call, “Living Coaching” – way beyond the scope of Life Coaching.  I can help you transform your life and your future – when shall we start?

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