4 Homme de Plume

Homme de Plume mind map

September 2013 saw the launch of my Ghost-Writing service.

So many people have a brilliant book inside them, but they don’t have the time or the inclination, or the publishing skills to get that book out there!

Being an author literally establishing you as an authority.

As you’ll notice from the Mind Map above – publishing your Intellectual Property is very different and empowering today.

Gone is the dependency on getting a Publishing House to like you!

Gone are the rejection letters!

Believe me – there is an audience out there for you – just for you – waiting for you…

And I can help.

I can help you capture your thoughts and then capture the imagination of your audience.  I can help you record your thoughts so that they can hear you as well as read your insights.  Hey, if you’re in the UK, or if you want to fly me around the World to where you are, I can even Video you.  And, if all this wasn’t enough, I can even act as your publisher and marketing department.

All you have to do, is think… then talk.  If you can communicate your ideas to me, I can communicate them to your world audience.  How cool is that?

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