2 Entertrainment®

The Accelerated Trainer Maps

My three books in the “Accelerated” series all use my unique process for Entertrainment®. The process can be remember through the mnemonic: MESSAGE. The process really is about understanding and communicating key messages and so it works for learning, for teaching, for training, for selling, for marketing, for communicating, and for improving relationships! Not bad from one process! Here’s what the letters of MESSAGE stand for:

  • Mindest – everything in life stands or falls with our mindset.  Whether that mindset be optimism, confidence, or an openness to learn – Mindset is the key.
  • Entrance – is good news because there are only five entrances into someone’s awareness: the five senses.  Entertrainment® engages as many senses as possible so that the message literally makes sense.  When a campaign, presentation, or message relies only upon one sense, it is in danger of appearing nonsense to those who do not share that sensory preference.
  • Share and then Switch Ownership – every message needs to ‘catch’… it needs to transfer from the broadcaster to the listener.  Then the listener must become a broadcaster themselves.  This is how we build brand ambassadors and great intellects.
  • Store – in a complex and busy world, good intentions can end up producing nothing.  We need to remember the message and our commitment to act on it.  This means we need methods of storing information, insights, and commitments.
  • Act – nothing happens without action.  We need to act on the message – keeping the commitments we’ve stored in our memories.
  • Go-Again – true mastery comes from what psychologists have called, “unconscious competence” – lilke driving safely home without needing to think consciously about the route.  The only way mastery can be developed is by Going-Again and Again over the memory traces until they become paths of least resistance.
  • Engage – a commitment to the future.  We can create our own future by vividly imagineering what it would be like to apply our new attitudes, skills, and knowledge.  In fact the process is known as creating “memories of the future” – and, like Mindset, it is the best indicator of whether success will happen… or not!

For over thirty years, I’ve been sharing this unique yet natural process with trainers, teachers, HR experts, schools, students, colleges and universities.  I want to share it with more and more people so that we can see people’s lives enriched by a naturally successful model of communication.  Will you help me get the MESSAGE out there?

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