Mummy May I

Mummy, May I =


Mummy, May I have a biscuit?

= No, Dear, it’s nearly Tea

Why, Mummy Dear?

= Because it will spoil your appetite!

Why’s that, Mummy Dear?

= Because there will be no room in your tummy for anything else?

Why, Mummy Dear?

= Because there is only so much space in your tummy at a time!

= That’s why we have Breakfast, Lunch, Tea, Supper and, when we’re feeling posh, Dinner!

Why, Mummy Dear?

= Because that’s the way God made it so!

Why, Mummy Dear?

= Ask your Father!!

Daddy, please may I have a biscuit?

= Why, Dear?

Because I’d like one, Daddy Darling, of course!

= OK, My Love, then you’d better have one!


= Result!



Vinnie the Bouncer

Imagination and the Bouncer

Like many of us, I have a passion for writing. Many writers hope that some of their sayings will become quoted by others – something we call a “signature quote”. Like the “Just Do Its” of the World – our sayings can become part of our brand – part of our legacy. One of my favourite sayings is, “‘Reality’ leaves much to the imagination.” I’m hoping that’s deeply profound! And I hope it captures your imagination!

This saying reflects not only my experience but also my understanding of perception. The brain ‘makes up’ a lot of information in order to make sense of World about us fast enough to make split-second decisions. We ‘fill in the gaps’ in what we really sense in order to function effectively.

This works amazingly most of the time, but sometimes we can have an over-active imagination. Feeling low, is often an aspect of over-imagining that happens to us – and what will happen next. We use imagination to fill-in-the-gaps and extrapolate our assessment of circumstances into possible future scenarios – few of them happy ones! We make up meanings too!  [You know the kind of thing, “When they look at me like that, that means they don’t like me!”]

It’s almost impossible to stop this but I’d like to introduce you to Vinnie, The Bouncer (or Boncer?) Vinnie, modelled on Vinnie Jones, is the Bouncer in my Bonce. Sometimes I have to throw out some of the imaginations from the Nightclub of my Mind. Vinnie acts as an interrupter of unhelpful thoughts. He says, “Oi! You! That’s not my thaut! [tought], get arrrt! [out] of me ‘ed!”

Of course, this is ridiculous, but it’s actually the interruption I’m after – to interfere with an unhelpful pattern of thinking. And it works.

Vinnie’s for hire. If you’d like to borrow my Bouncer and let him allow only best-dressed thoughts into your mind, go ahead, be my guest!

Sow Before Bedtime

Sow before bedtime

“Ah, the seeds of dreams!” I thought to myself as I laid there in the bed, exhausted. I had spent the night wandering through a distressing dreamscape disturbed by nightmares. Now, I was wondering why the unconscious mind seemed to fixate on so many negative imaginations – its creative genius perverted to divert me from a good night’s sleep.

There was some comfort in tracing the seeds of those dreams back to the activities that had planted them that day. As I get older, hairs grow inside my ears – a ridiculous if somewhat bemusing state of affairs. I can perceive no purpose for them there. Penelope has a passion for removing them, so she had spent a happy ten minutes deforesting my own miniature Eden project biomes! This seed became a dream about going deaf – very unpleasant, but I could see the link. The other nightmare was about my studio burning down – guilt, I think, because I hadn’t checked on it when I was down in the town that day. Clearly, I sowed the seeds. My unconscious was the gardener. And emotion played her or his part in the direction of growth.

I don’t like nights like that. So I revisited an age old question: can we direct our destiny? Even if this is only partially true, it offers hope. Here, I had the ‘evidence’ that my own activities, emotions and thoughts had played their part in the drama that had developed.

So before bedtime: sow before bedtime. I will deliberately seek a happy emotion to be my resting state before sleep (and, believe me, I know how hard that will be at times – but I will ‘seek’ it.) I will load some wholesome thoughts that I purposefully choose – perhaps through reading some poetry or inspirational quotes. And I shall act as Director even if I cannot play the full role as Producer. I shall be very direct with my inner Producer and suggest that he should create a pleasant masterpiece in the Theatre of the Night!

Dream on!

Breaking Associations

Make Link Break Link

Breaking Associations.

I was editing some video today. Couldn’t really get it to do what I wanted it to do when I realised that two tracks were linked together. This association meant that I couldn’t edit the tracks individually. It was a simple matter to break the association and then I could achieve the transformations I was seeking.Walking back from my local shop, it struck me how my own life had been unnecessarily brought low by false-associations. When my business fortunes had shifted dramatically, I had allowed that downturn to remain associated with my self-image. The business had failed, ergo I was a failure.I hope you’re laughing, or at least smiling, at how absurd that link is. I am not my business.The subject, however, is serious. How many of us have associated our self-worth with our relationship to someone special? If that relationship ceases for any reason, we can allow that loss to impact our self-worth. The loss of a job can have a similar effect… if we let it.

Today, I’m recommending that we break such associations. It’s time to separate the tracks in the great Editing Software of Life, and assign new value and meaning to each distinct part of our lives.

I am not defined by the success of my business.
I am not defined by my bank balance.
I am not defined by the success of my relationships.
I am not defined by my employed status.
I am not defined even by my health.

I am something beyond all these links.
And so are you.

You are beautiful because you are simply beautiful.
You are lovely because you are distinctly lovely.
You are worthy because you have worth in my sight, and, I hope, in your own sight too.
I value you.


[First published on Moodscope, Monday 3rd August, 2015]

On Purpose, Patterns and Passion

On Purpose, Patterns and Passion

On Purpose

I think.

A lot.

On purpose.

I like it when “Life” makes sense.

But it doesn’t often.

When “Life” doesn’t “make sense”, I think you have to make Life make sense.

And I’m not alone in this.

Viktor Frankl wrote “Man’s Search for Meaning.” I’d recommend you read it for yourself. Part of his key message is to find meaning in existence – and thus give yourself a reason for living. His credibility flows from the fact that he managed to do this as an inmate of a Concentration Camp.

My quest for meaning led me to become a Theologian (of sorts!) I went to Theological College and walked away with a love for Wisdom and Inspiration. The Apostle Paul said that, “All things work together for the good of those who love God…” (See Romans 8:28) Paul and Viktor were always looking for a pattern that made sense – that made their circumstances serve them or a higher goal.

They lived their lives “on purpose”.

So, even when “Life” seems both kind or unkind, ask yourself these liberating questions:

“How can this serve my purpose?”

“How can this serve me?”

If you’re even more assertive – make it serve you. Adam and Eve were put on Earth to rule the Planet (according to the Scriptures) – not to whinge and whine. Dominion was their job description! Later in History, when the storm threatened to sink the boat (Mark 4:35-41), Jesus was asleep! The text suggests that He expected His disciples to do something about it.

Whatever your theological position, these messages are about humankind creating purpose and taking action. You are naturally creative – so create value in whatever you experience.

Live deliberately… on purpose.

When you need a better Pattern

If “Life” isn’t working…

…you need a better pattern.

If “Life” doesn’t make sense…

…you need a better pattern.

When humankind has forgotten the “kind” part of “Humankind”…

…we all need a better pattern.

That’s what revolution is – changing the paradigm – upgrading our thinking – creating a better pattern.

If your life seems flat – remember that’s the way the Earth used to be to multitudes of people who were wrong. They had the wrong pattern. Now the pattern is different – now the pattern is round.

The Earth used to be the Centre of the Solar System – now it plays (an important) part, but it’s not the Centre of everything.

You can have a well-rounded life if you take you out of the centre of everything! Light, Life and Laughter – like the Sun – doesn’t revolve around you, you revolve around it. If you want to evolve, revolve! That means making some cause or someone else the Centre of your Universe. That’s a revolutionary pattern.

You are amazingly designed to discover patterns. That pattern of discovery will never end. You’ll always be learning. Don’t fight this, embrace it. If you see a “pattern of behaviour” you don’t like, change the pattern. When you change your thoughts, you change the very chemistry of your brain. When you change your chemistry, you change your behaviour. When you change your actions (your observable behaviour) you change your History. You cannot change your History without changing mine. Let’s change History together.

It begins with another pattern… a pattern of thought.

The Passion

They can make software and robots to do many of the tasks and activities that take up my time. I have access to a washing machine – I don’t need to spend hours going to the river to wash clothes. Sewing machines can sew my clothes. My computer can even back up my memory so that I can remember birthdays and get to meetings on the right day – without having to think.

But, the software and the robots will never have my passion. They may be able to mimic passion, but they can never have my passion. That’s unique. That’s the spark. When that goes, the spark dies.

So today’s blog closes with this imperative:

“You need to control your chemistry.”

You are more in control than you’ve yet realised. “Enthusiasm” is a chemical reaction. “Love” is chemistry. “Faith” is chemistry. “Hope” is chemistry. It’s “stuff”. And you can make this “stuff” in your very own Chemistry Lab. It begins with a thought and a purpose. You can lead your thoughts. Your thoughts become the catalysts for the kind of chemical reactions that happen next. You can put that chemistry in motion – that’s why we call part of the process “E-motion”. Choose the thought, add the passion, trigger the reaction, watch the result as you witness the magic unfold.

You are the Chemist.

You just might be an Alchemist.

It’s time to stir yourself!

It’s Complex

It’s Complex

Human beings are rather complex!  Part of this is because they are driven by complexes – something called, “Complex Equivalences.”  Our nervous system’s connections is mirrored by our thoughts.  Thoughts link to thoughts in a web of associations.

It is these associations that drive our thoughts, feelings and behaviours… and they are not always accurate associations!  Neither are they based on empirical reality.

It all comes down to one question: what does this ‘mean’ for me?  Every sensory stimulus or internal thought triggers this question as the brain seeks to make sense of our patterns of electrical activity.

Often, this is very good news.  Take ‘Love’ for example.  If you associate love with a close friend making you a hand-made greetings card, you are going to feel loved when such a card arrives through the post.  The thoughtfulness behind such a beautiful and time-costly gift means ‘love’ to such a fortunate person.  This is a “Complex Equivalence” – where ‘A’ means ‘B’.

Catalyst for a Great Complex EquivalenceSometimes, it goes wrong, however.  If a tone of voice or a certain look or even a type of location triggers an unwanted reaction, you can be sure that a Complex Equivalence is at work.  Somewhere on the timeline of your personal history, your brain has jumped to the conclusion: ‘x’ means ‘y’.

This, again, is actually good news.  Why?  Well because ‘x’ rarely means ‘y’ all the time… not in the other real world of thoughts and emotions.

I love to present.  Let’s call this ‘x’.  For me the ‘x’ of presenting means the ‘y’ of pleasure.  For other people, exactly the same ‘x’ – presenting – means the ‘z’ of terror!  When working with these x=z types, I can often help them swap their own definition of ‘z’ for my definition of ‘y’.  They re-wire their associations (and actually their neural pathways) and a new world of opportunity opens up.

There are three easy ways to challenge an unhelpful “Complex Equivalence.”

•    If you know the unhelpful trigger – you can go back in time in your imagination and challenge the conclusions the younger you made.  For example, “When they talk to me in that tone of voice it means that they are cross with me.”  On reflection, a more accurate assessment might be, “When they talk to me in that tone of voice it means that they are concerned for my well-being but don’t know how to show this nicely.”
•    Scratch the record!  Those of us who remember Vinyl Records will also remember what happened when they got scratched… they never played the same way again.  Sometimes you can scratch the Complex Equivalence.  So, a couple having an argument can get angrier and angrier until one of them ‘scratches’ the groove they are stuck in by bursting out laughing or tickling the other one.  The other partner will be furious for a few moments (after all, they were in their groove and you’ve messed it up) but both parties will have found the song doesn’t play the same way.  Or, to mix metaphors, the spell is broken.
•    Decide on your own Complex Equivalences!  This is ultimate power.  You can decide that someone being rude to you means they are frightened of how intelligent, gorgeous and powerful you are!!!

Truth does matter… but we are often a long way from knowing enough about a situation to really discern the truth.  For now, then, it is better to stay resourceful by assuming the best and making up our own Complex Equivalences.

[Footnote: unhelpful superstitions and even wars have been caused by unchallenged Complex Equivalences… And the greatest acts of Faith, Hope and Love are driven by Complex Equivalences.  Thus, one of the greatest things you can do with the gift of consciousness is to challenge your Complex Equivalences to see if they serve your Highest Purpose or not.  Those that do not stand the scrutiny must be rewritten!  Go write some new history for yourself and for those you love!]

Directing the New Year

AIDA - Art Haiku

AIDA is a mnemonic much loved by marketing professionals… but it is for all of us.

It all begins with…


“Whatever gets your attention gets you!”

It is certain that you will achieve little in 2014 if you don’t give quality attention to what you desire to manifest.  Like a loved one wilting without the time and attention of the object of their desire, so also our aims go amiss if they don’t get daily and deep, continuous attention. Various authorities on the subject have suggested that between 90% and 99% of the results we get in life depend upon our unconscious or subconscious beliefs and focus, but I say to you that it all begins with the conscious attention.  This is your choice and fully under your control.  Your attention programmes your unconscious – and the rest works like magic from thereon in.

The old cliche is so true: “out of sight, out of mind.”  Christmas is a wonderful example of the power of bringing those who have been out of mind all year back into the spotlight of your attention – if only temporarily.  To gain true insights and wisdom, we must keep important matters in mind – at the forefront of our attention.

Practically, writing your goals, aims and ambitions down daily helps to reset the mind to achieve your dreams.  If you are bold, write down what you really want 77x per day for 7 days.  You’ll be amazed at what you can create.  But be careful what you wish for!


Of course, to keep it up, you’ve got to stay interested.  This usually means that you goal must be broadcasting on Wii.FM – the World’s most popular Radio frequency = What’s In It For Me?

Keep stacking up the benefits.  Ask yourself, “When I get this goal, what will it mean for me?  How will I truly benefit?”  There must be some hope of success if you are to maintain your interest and thus your motivation.  Set your attention on goals which are just within the realm of possibility so that you can build hope and interest as the first signs of success blossom.  Hope springs eternal!  Kennedy went for the Moon – not Mars.  If he was alive and in power today – he’d be going for Mars.

Actions truly speak louder than words – and that’s the last point.  Until then, a picture paints a 1000 words.  To get the vision – you need a vision!  Create a vision of what you want to achieve, then you can inflame your desires!  Where there is no vision, you’re life will lack direction and moment.  Create Your Vision for 2014 – don’t borrow someone else’s.


I am most convinced that nothing worthwhile ever happens without passionate desire.  There is a wonderful Greek word for “Lust” that is used for “strong desire”…  That’s what you need for your goals – a lust, a thirst, a hunger, a burning passion and desire.  You must be or become “driven” to achieve your outcome.  It must become a craving.


And “Action!”  Faith without corresponding action is dead.  You must move.  You must take steps.  You must commit to action.  Physical action.

Many a young heart has seen a vision of loveliness that has captured their imagination and attention.  The slightest attention from the other party then ignites hope – and kindles interest.  Desire grows more fervent as time goes by (as long as there is regular exposure to the vision of one’s dreams).  But all fails without some action at the final hurdle – “Would you like to go out with me?”


Attention is the purpose of your Spirit.  Your Spirit must direct your life.  This is hope.

Interest is the function of your Soul – Your mind must meditate on that which you pay attention to – only then can it reach the heart of the subconscious.  This is perseverence.

Desire is the domain of the Heart – working subsconsciously – literally below the threshold of consciousness – even in your sleep.  This is faith.

Action is the misson of the body – nothing spiritual on Earth happens until there is corresponding physical action.  Such is the stuff of legend and magic as well as true faith.  Why the fuss about the Earthly Temple – a mere shadow of the Eternal?  Simply because the shadow is the shadow of the reality – there cannot be one without the other.  Alter the shadow and the other reality must necessarily be changed.


This is an excellent exercise for your Thinkpen® process.

  • Blue ink for your Spirit’s Attention
  • Black ink for your Soul’s Interest and development
  • Green ink for your Heart’s Desire growing and blooming
  • Red ink for your Body’s decisive Action in the physical realm.

“So let it be written, so let it be done!”