Lex as Chef LRGLex McKee is an Author, Designer, and Deliverer of training that is intended to make your life easier.  Lex wrote the book on Accelerated Training, entitled, “The Accelerated Trainer” – which reviewers were kind to say nice things about!  Since then, he has begun exploring the value of Kindle, releasing two short books: “The Accelerated Learner” and “The Accelerated Salesperson”.  His mission in life is simple, to live a life to the full, and to be a part of helping those around him do exactly the same!

Lex holds three registered trademarks for concepts that are at the heart of this mission: Entertrainment®, Living Organisations®, and ThinkPen®.  Entertrainment epitomises Lex’s approach to training and development – it has to be entertaining if it is to stick.  Living Organisations represents his life’s mission to make our hours at work some of the most satisfying of our lives.  ThinkPen® is a practical tool to empower people to think more effectively every day.

But… but… but….

…Lex’s poems get far more attention than his training and deeply thoughtful blogs!!!  Is there a message here?  Lex says,  “I just love being creative – in fact poetry and photography bring me the most creative pleasure… so much so that I have become “The Banana Poet” – with a mission to write a fresh message on my friend’s banana each day!  These are usually poems, but I also believe in banagrams = any message written on a banana.  Banana jokes work, or just a message of encouragement to make the recipient smile like a banana!  Please feel liberated to join the Banana Revolution and spreads smiles through the medium of the Bananagram!”

Lex’s new business is as a Ghost-Writer.  He has formed “Homme de Plume Ghost-Writers” and is currently working on the most exciting strategy for financial freedom that he has ever encountered.  Of course, as a Ghost-Writer, this is not Lex’s Intellectual Property so whilst he is bursting to share it, he’ll just have to be patient.

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