The Gentle Moon and the Pull of 90 Minutes

Part One

Here is my L’exercise regime per annum…

1 Joined a Gym in January;

2 Fought the Flab in February;

3 Managed more Mindfulness in March;

4 Attitude Adjustment in April;

5 More Mindfulness in May as My Memory… erm;

6 Jogged dutifully in June;

7 Jumped Joyously all July;

8 Added Additional Attitudinal Adjustments in August… from the Beach;

9 Sought Solace in Sacred Silence in September;

10 Ought to do more in October, but didn’t;

11 Not much in November neither;

12 Decided in December to do more again… in January!

I go through “Cycles of Good Intent” – and the cycles continue because I inevitably run out of enthusiasm… or time!
No deep message today save that of, “be gentle with yourself” and “honour the Seasons of Your Soul.”

You see, your body is one amazing set of clocks and cycles.

You work in cycles: daily, monthly and even down to major changes every 90 minutes.
Sometimes we attach our commitment to the wrong cycle.
For example, we might set a goal for the year ahead whereas we would be kinder and more sensible to think a month ahead.
This is the kindness of the Gentle Moon in contrast with the righteous intensity of the Sun.

Even the Sun has Seasons in the Temperate Climates – 90 days is enough to make a change.
So set a goal for Spring;
Another for Summer… it is here!
Like a Fashion House, work on your Autumn/Fall Collection;
And remember Winter has it’s unique charms.

Part Two

If you have s-t-r-e-t—c——-h———-e—————d too far, come back a bit and think,
“Is this a goal for a Season? No? How about a Month? No? How about the Week Ahead? No? How about Just For Today?”

And sometimes, just sometimes, the gravitational pull of the next 90 minutes is quite enough to cope with.

Loving thoughts from Lex!

One thought on “The Gentle Moon and the Pull of 90 Minutes

  1. Interesting Blog Lex and made me think – in a good way. I’m a great planner but often side-line my own personal plans in order to meet work deadlines which seem to take over my life even though I only work part-time!

    Am attracted to the 90 day cycle so might give that a go and ensure there is some personal planning in it. Thank you.

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