Are you the font (of all knowledge) at the front?

Food for thought… good food!


IMG_0022A discussion about learning styles has sparked off another train of thought about learning and the role of the facilitator. There are some questions around technical and knowledge heavy training/learning that have sprung to  mind.

  • Can you facilitate when you have to give a lot of information?
  • Does it all rely on you, knowing your stuff?
  • Is lecture/presentation the only option?

So here are some of my thoughts…..

  • Facilitate means to “make easier” so even as a lecturer, you can always make the learning easier for your learners. Use memory techniques to aid retention. Watch this short video for some ideas:
  • You need to know your stuff but you also need to know, more than that……how to inspire learners to learn more. Leave some questions unanswered and challenge them to find the answers. Get them to guess…pose thought-provoking questions. If you just talk, their minds can wander anywhere…but if you…

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