Recipe for Success = AEIOU


I have regularly been inspired by the quote, “Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.”  [Attributed to both Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and William Hutchison Murray.]

Goethe is reputed to have the largest vocabulary of anyone who has ever lived.  Perhaps then he would smile that today’s “Recipe for Success” uses those core components nearly of every word, the vowels.

A is for Action

There is magic in “Action” – a boldness and a genius in beginning it.  In fact my good friend, Peter Thomson is famous for saying, “Action is the key.”  This is why I am committed to finding the action it will take to move forwards –

What’s the next physical action step to move you towards your dreams?

E is for Emotion

I have, however, given up fighting the fact that emotion comes first in the way that the brain deals with the World and decisions.  Instead I encourage us all to embrace the emotion that will give us the fuel to persist passionately in taking action.

What emotion will literally ‘move’ you to keep taking action?

 I is for Information

Action based on poor, incomplete or plainly wrong information would be less than effective!  Information is potential power – but only when acted upon persistently and with passion.

This is one of the main reasons I continue to be a fan of Mind Mapping for nearly 30 years now.  Tony Buzan’s technique is the Swiss Army Knife for the mind when it comes to rapidly capturing, clarifying and communicating information… creatively!  I don’t know how I would cope with all the complex and diverse information strands I have to manage if I didn’t have great software mind mapping tools like iMindMap and MindManager.

Once you have great sources of information, Mind Mapping can help you make the most of your mind and harness that information for guidance on your journey.

O is for Opportunity

What really separates “hope” from “faith” is the willingness to create and then seize opportunities.  All of us are rich in hope at some time in our lives.  It acts as an anchor for our minds – even our souls.  But hope must become a strong belief in the rightness of our course and our cause… and then faith must be combined with action.  This is why I believe it is foolish to wait for opportunity to come knocking.  I think we should do the knocking!  We should create opportunities.

Networking is a great example of this – to deliberately set yourself to engage with others on purpose and with a purpose.

What new opportunities can I say “Yes!” to in my life?

What new opportunities can I proactively seek out and create?

U is for your Unique Ability

Finally, in today’s Recipe for Success, we have “Unique Ability”.  This is a phrase I am quoting from Dan Sullivan.  Perhaps the greatest discovery in life is to find our own Unique Ability, embrace it, and live it to the full.

On the pathway to that discovery, you might like to ask yourself these two questions:

If there were three words I would like others to use to describe me, what would those three words be?

If there were three verbs that I would like as part of my daily behaviours, what verbs would those be?

I know that I am passionate about learning, living and transforming.  I have my verbs.  My words I will leave to you to discover as we get to know one another better (as I hope we will).

I would like to finish with a “thank you” to Vanda North.  Vanda apprenticed me in the Buzan approach to Mind Mapping, Speed Reading and Memory Skills – Life Skills that continue to serve me well.  I am not sure what all three of Vanda’s words are, but “Joy” is definitively one of hers!

Vanda, thank you for so much, and for introducing me to the genius and boldness of beginning.