Rite of Passage -l- The Bathtub


Sometimes we just need to change.

To achieve this well, it helps to have a “Rite of Passage”.

Many tribes do this with their children when they come of age.

We do it when we have a Wedding Service or a big birthday celebration.

But I can’t afford to wait for a birthday or a wedding.

I need to change on a daily basis.

That’s why I’m a fan of small rites of passage.

One of my favourite is bath-time.

I go into the waters one person, and come out another.

I go in (relatively) smelly, and come out smelling of roses!

I plunge beneath the waters (relatively) dirty, and rise up cleansed.

I sink in exhausted, I spring forth regenerated… ish.

No wonder some of the World’s Religions like the idea of ritual washing.

Some call it “Baptism”.

But I wonder, could I go into my bath low in spirit, and emerge refreshed, ready to face the World and myself renewed?  Even resurrected?


I just tried it…

…it worked.

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