Why I Am Becoming a Luddite

I’ve just tried to deal with Plusnet. Great advertising. Fab marketing. But the only way we’d end up with a net positive would be if I could take the minus experience I’ve had and times it by a minus.

You see, I thought I was dealing with people but I was dealing with a machine… a machine that was broken. And I didn’t break it.

We desperately need a revolution… a peaceful one… a human one.

Some people call it the “Connection Economy” – where our humanity, our character, our emotional intelligence, even our flaws all become our defining assets. Flawed humans have stories.   They can say, “sorry” and mean it. They can change. They can change things. They can change history.

I can connect with a person.

The franchised monster that is Industry hasn’t lost touch with what it is to be human – it never was in touch.

I dealt with an Openreach engineer today. You should see their website. It’s amazing. It talks about open access for all and keeping the Nation connected. They sound like heroes. Great advertising. Fab marketing.

But my lovely engineer, if he is a minute late, is ‘reported’ by the tracker in his vehicle. There’s no room for humanity in this tightly run ship… in fact there’s no room for real sailors, only automatons. He was a wonderful chap – we connected. But if he could have jumped ship, he would have done it in a moment… in the twinkling of his eye.

Am I down on corporations? No.

Am I down on technology? No.

They just need to be ruled by humans who’ve retained their humanity. People love people – not processes.

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