Schweppt Away by a Brand!

We went shopping for a neighbour this week.  He wanted some Tonic Water.  Well, if “Beanz Meanz Heinz” surely “Tonic Water” means Schweppes?  Just as “Lemonade” means R Whites – for my generation.

I wonder what your name means?  To you?  To others?  Your name is your brand – the most important part of your personal and professional brand.

We bought Schweppes Tonic Water for our neighbour and the much cheaper ASDA equivalent.  We though he could make an informed choice.  But informed by what?

You see, thinking about it, I suddenly had an all consuming (interesting phrase) desire for a Gin and Tonic.  It’s not even Noon.  If I walked down this path, I wondered, would I choose ASDA or Schweppes?  Everything urged me to choose Schweppes.

This excites me.

You see, I’m a trainer, an entertainer, an entertrainer.

There are millions of trainers in the world, and even more entertainers.  Why would anyone in their right mind or any other kind of state of mind choose me over and above anyone else, especially when I am (to borrow from another brand), “Reassuringly Expensive”?

Well, I think the answer to that is up to me and up to you!

 Happy Feet and Funky Pants

I enjoyed the movie, “Happy Feet.”  The brand was his feet and the passion and energy he poured through them.  To others, his feet were a disadvantage… a hazzard.  I’m English.  By default, that means I’m “eccentric”.  It’s way too easy to become invisible, homogenous, to blend in with the crowd… but then I’d be ASDA.  I want to be Schweppes.  I want people to happily pay 3x the price for me and my brand.  And I want them to enjoy the better taste of a branded product – in my case, training.

I’ve got a well-intentioned friend who wants me to conform to another pattern – for the sake of a bigger brand.  He doesn’t like my Zimbabwe funky trousers or my ‘action sandals’.  He probably hasn’t read, “Momo” by Michael Ende.  And I understand him.  He’s right – for his brand.  But I’m me.  I am different.  I am eccentric.  I am L3x.

Lots of people don’t like my Funky Trousers from Zimbabwe.

I get ‘scanned’ by people and then a look of distaste!  Mothers pull their young children closer to them!  But they are my brand buddies are they?

Another friend said to my face that they wouldn’t put me in front of their best customers until I lost some weight!  (I’m fat… but friendly!)  She went out of business and had to reinvent herself.  I haven’t had to reinvent myself or my waistline.  I’m not sure when the World is going to get it, but I think you get it: it is OK to be you – just the way you are.

Love your brand – it’s all too easy to compromise it.  I’m a big Cliff Richard fan.  I think he’s innocent.  But his brand will never be the same again.  I hope he, or, even better, other people stand up and be counted to protect his brand.  That’s a love brand.  I choose to believe the best of Sir Cliff until his accusers are prooved to be telling the truth.  They’ll have an uphill task with me – that’s the power of his brand.

This above all: to thine own self be true,
And it must follow, as the night the day,
Thou canst not then be false to any man.
Farewell, my blessing season this in thee!

Shakespeare meant so much by this phrase, but let’s take it at face value.

[If there is a Scholar in you, you might enjoy digging deeper here.]

The New Bottom-Line

The New Bottom-Line is that you can profitably be yourself now.  The internet allows you to reach those who ‘get’ you or who want to be just like you.
Of course, you’ve got work to do… you’ve got to find the right people and make it easy for them to find you on-line and off-line, but you won’t achieve this by being anyone but the One whom you really are.

Be true to yourself – that’s the ‘you’ I need you to be for me.

Love me; love my brand.



btw, Hiilary Duff is not ‘cool’ with some people.  I think she is amazing.  Check out the insightful lyrics in her song, “I Am”.  The song says it all.

I’m an angel, I’m a devil
I am sometimes in between
I’m as bad as it can get
And good as it can be
Sometimes I’m a million colors
Sometimes I’m black and white
I am all extremes
Try to figure me out, you never can
There’s so many things, I am

I am special
I am beautiful
I am wonderful
And powerful
Sometimes I’m miserable
Sometimes I’m pitiful
But that’s so typical of all the things, I am

I’m someone filled with self-belief
I’m haunted by self-doubt
I’ve got all the answers
I’ve got nothing figured out
I like to be by myself
I hate to be alone
I’m up and I am down
But that’s part of the thrill, part of the plan
Part of all of the things, I am

I am special
I am beautiful
I am wonderful
And powerful
Sometimes I’m miserable
Sometimes I’m pitiful
But that’s so typical of all the things, I am

I’m a million contradictions
Sometimes I make no sense
Sometimes I’m perfect
Sometimes I’m a mess
Sometimes I’m not sure who I am?

I am special
I am beautiful
I am wonderful
And powerful
Sometimes I’m miserable
Sometimes I’m pitiful
But that’s so typical of all the things, I am

I am special
I am beautiful
I am wonderful
And powerful
Sometimes I’m miserable
Sometimes I’m pitiful
But that’s so typical of all the things, I am
Of all the things I am

I am special
I am beautiful
I am wonderful
And powerful
Sometimes I’m miserable
Sometimes I’m pitiful
But that’s so typical of all the things, I am
Of all the things, I am


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Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing, RealSongs

On Purpose, Patterns and Passion

On Purpose, Patterns and Passion

On Purpose

I think.

A lot.

On purpose.

I like it when “Life” makes sense.

But it doesn’t often.

When “Life” doesn’t “make sense”, I think you have to make Life make sense.

And I’m not alone in this.

Viktor Frankl wrote “Man’s Search for Meaning.” I’d recommend you read it for yourself. Part of his key message is to find meaning in existence – and thus give yourself a reason for living. His credibility flows from the fact that he managed to do this as an inmate of a Concentration Camp.

My quest for meaning led me to become a Theologian (of sorts!) I went to Theological College and walked away with a love for Wisdom and Inspiration. The Apostle Paul said that, “All things work together for the good of those who love God…” (See Romans 8:28) Paul and Viktor were always looking for a pattern that made sense – that made their circumstances serve them or a higher goal.

They lived their lives “on purpose”.

So, even when “Life” seems both kind or unkind, ask yourself these liberating questions:

“How can this serve my purpose?”

“How can this serve me?”

If you’re even more assertive – make it serve you. Adam and Eve were put on Earth to rule the Planet (according to the Scriptures) – not to whinge and whine. Dominion was their job description! Later in History, when the storm threatened to sink the boat (Mark 4:35-41), Jesus was asleep! The text suggests that He expected His disciples to do something about it.

Whatever your theological position, these messages are about humankind creating purpose and taking action. You are naturally creative – so create value in whatever you experience.

Live deliberately… on purpose.

When you need a better Pattern

If “Life” isn’t working…

…you need a better pattern.

If “Life” doesn’t make sense…

…you need a better pattern.

When humankind has forgotten the “kind” part of “Humankind”…

…we all need a better pattern.

That’s what revolution is – changing the paradigm – upgrading our thinking – creating a better pattern.

If your life seems flat – remember that’s the way the Earth used to be to multitudes of people who were wrong. They had the wrong pattern. Now the pattern is different – now the pattern is round.

The Earth used to be the Centre of the Solar System – now it plays (an important) part, but it’s not the Centre of everything.

You can have a well-rounded life if you take you out of the centre of everything! Light, Life and Laughter – like the Sun – doesn’t revolve around you, you revolve around it. If you want to evolve, revolve! That means making some cause or someone else the Centre of your Universe. That’s a revolutionary pattern.

You are amazingly designed to discover patterns. That pattern of discovery will never end. You’ll always be learning. Don’t fight this, embrace it. If you see a “pattern of behaviour” you don’t like, change the pattern. When you change your thoughts, you change the very chemistry of your brain. When you change your chemistry, you change your behaviour. When you change your actions (your observable behaviour) you change your History. You cannot change your History without changing mine. Let’s change History together.

It begins with another pattern… a pattern of thought.

The Passion

They can make software and robots to do many of the tasks and activities that take up my time. I have access to a washing machine – I don’t need to spend hours going to the river to wash clothes. Sewing machines can sew my clothes. My computer can even back up my memory so that I can remember birthdays and get to meetings on the right day – without having to think.

But, the software and the robots will never have my passion. They may be able to mimic passion, but they can never have my passion. That’s unique. That’s the spark. When that goes, the spark dies.

So today’s blog closes with this imperative:

“You need to control your chemistry.”

You are more in control than you’ve yet realised. “Enthusiasm” is a chemical reaction. “Love” is chemistry. “Faith” is chemistry. “Hope” is chemistry. It’s “stuff”. And you can make this “stuff” in your very own Chemistry Lab. It begins with a thought and a purpose. You can lead your thoughts. Your thoughts become the catalysts for the kind of chemical reactions that happen next. You can put that chemistry in motion – that’s why we call part of the process “E-motion”. Choose the thought, add the passion, trigger the reaction, watch the result as you witness the magic unfold.

You are the Chemist.

You just might be an Alchemist.

It’s time to stir yourself!