Brain Befriendly

Your Brain is not your friend

I really love Hugh Mac­Leod’s daily cartoons from “Gapingvoid” – and I thank Alejandro for giving me permission to use their images in this blog.  Please check out for more on what they can offer you.

This particular cartoon made me (and a good few of my friends) laugh out loud!  We all write for Moodscope – and it is clear that for each of us there are many occasions where our brain is not our friend.  Whilst this brain breakup happens from time to time to all of us, it seems to be a particular afflication of those with a rich, creative imagination.  Like a two-edged sword, a smart and sharp imagination can cut both ways.

In the realms of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis there is a saying:

If you cannot trust your own unconscious, whose can you trust?

So,the fact of the matter is that your brain is the best friend you could have.  This means, that if the two of you fall out (as best friends are apt to do), it’s worth cutting the reconcilitation time down as close to zero as you can.  My question to us all today is direct and straightforward:

How can I be friendly to my brain today?

…and who knows, your brain might just reciprocate?!











I love my brain…

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