Know Thyself



Who Are You?

Before the advent of accurate mirrors, people had to rely on other people’s perception and transient reflections to get an idea of how they appeared. Even with the best set of circumstances, people can get this self-image so wrong… and with an adverse set of circumstances, much confusion can reign. Consider the chick that sees the farmer’s wellington boot as the first object it bonds with when it hatches. At some level the chick sees the boot as ‘Mother’ and itself as a ‘little boot’!  Clearly this perception is wrong but it is based on real evidence falsely read.

We all have totally unique DNA. There will never be another you. There will never be another me. If I deny you access to my life, I will never be able to experience your uniqueness from anyone else. I desire you in my life since, without you, my life is needlessly incomplete. But I need the real you – the unique you, not the you that you have learned to be from and for and in front of others. And you need the real me – the unique me – the essential me – the naked me!

Bird of Paradise

Imagine having the unique DNA of a glorious bird of paradise… and then, as that bird of paradise, being asked to work like a dog, pulling a dog-sledge in the arctic! Wrong species, wrong location, wrong application… and you can guess what kind of results you’ll get! Too often, others, even with the best of intentions, have not recognised your uniqueness and have tried to squeeze you into a role that seems logical to them. The classic cliché is, “Why don’t you get a proper job?”

Well, let me say to you a splendid truth, “You are glorious!” You are as glorious as a Bird of Paradise. You are unique. Your destiny is to be simply who you are… naturally!

Let me share with you another truth, you are likely to be hiding your paradise-nature under a bushel. This is not your fault. The tendency of most societies is to press upon their citizens the need to conform, to fit in, to play the game. But your whole DNA screams out, “No!” Your DNA shouts, “Know thyself! Then be thyself!” Only then can your unique gifts enrich the World as the World’s best destiny dictates.

So who are you? (And I can help you find out.)

What’s Your Story?

Once you know the hero or heroine of the Story, you can tell your story in the best possible light. If you are an author, your story is one of the rise of an author on the journey to recognition and reward.  If you are an artist, your story is of the artist who is about to be discovered.  If you a programmer, the best code is yet to be written…

Rewriting the Script

Believe me, you’re already living out a script. If you don’t change what you’re doing, and more importantly, the way that you and other people see you, the script will play out to a conclusion that will inevitably be less than it could be. You are even likely to be living out a script that someone else is writing for your life!

But, once you’ve discovered your true self and framed the story so far, the time comes to rewrite the script! (And, again, I can help you.)

Got your pen or pencil ready?


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