Moodscope and Motivation: Shall We Dance?

Whilst we undoubtedly speak of, “feeling depressed”, the vast majority of depressed people are “thinking depressed”.  As their thoughts dwell on each successive depressing consideration the thoughts join the feelings of depression in an ungainly dance that spirals downwards.

Moodscope can interrupt this dance and become a new partner with a different tune.

Thinking depression is a feature of consciousness – and consciousness is very much about where we choose to place our attention.  The Moodscope cards draw attention to where our consciousness might be sinking into the mire.  The rating system then gives a simple choice – a choice to decide how to lift the positive rating or reduce the negative rating.  Tracking this enables members to interrupt patterns on their dance card in advance – to preclude the “here we go again.”

This is where the community joins the dance – members giving positive input to other members through the daily blog.  This helps many of us make new or fresh choices leading to inspiration, motivation and increased resilience even in our darkest moments.

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