Moodscope 20: Playing the “Excited” Card

20 Moodscope Card - Excited

This is it!  The final Moodscope Card.  #20 is all about being “Excited” – which for Moodscope means, “looking forward to things.”
My last Moodscope card, and what a beautiful red (=positive) card to finish on.

This is pure, focus-driven dream power.

It is the power of hope.

Hope is called the anchor of the soul – it is a sure and certain belief that “tomorrow” can and will be better… whenever that “tomorrow” will be.

Action can only follow attention – and then excitement follows too. So, regarding the future, on what specifically will you lay your attention? You really can choose.

On Genetics, Marketing and My Destiny

My research into the scientific basis for happiness suggests that a stunning 50% of my future happiness is based on my genetics – not always good news.

Interestingly, only 10% depends upon what the marketeers suggest will bring me happiness – the new car, the big house, the material aspects.
I’m happy to work on the 40% that is within my grasp, within my power to change. If I really can choose what I focus on, and this could make 40% difference to my happiness, I will choose to look forward to specific things and events.

Sugar Rush or Sugarloaf Mountain?

I’ve added “events” there because the consensus is that “stuff” is pretty impotent at changing your state. Buying “things” gives the equivalent of a sugar rush, but it is soon over. Doing things, like taking a trip to Sugarloaf Mountain, is much more enduring in terms of the benefits you reap.
My youngest son posted on Facebook that 2013 was the best year of his life. Why? He then listed all the things he’d done. There was nothing material in the list. It was travel. It was meeting new people. It was spending time with friends. These moments of truth are the stuff of life – the stuff that endures – the stuff that is worth getting excited about.

Life as a String of Pearls

If the science is sound and 40% of your destined happiness is in your control (+10% through ‘stuff’), now’s a great time to get excited about your future.

You’d benefit from a Happiness Plan, a plan I call, “The String of Pearls”.

Life is a string of ‘moments’ – thoughts, events and feelings strung together by time.  Each Pearls is a secretion of the shellfish to protect itself from life’s grit and irritations.

I’ve seen your future – it’s full of little irritations.  The secret behind the secretion is to transform those moments into moments of happiness, moments of truth.

That, my dear friend, is up to you.  Can you find the value, the meaning, the truth in each moment?  Can you thus create happiness where others find mere irritation?  I believe you can.

So as you hike up Sugarloaf Mountain, there will be the irritation of the heat and the effort – but I promise you, with the right frame (i.e. the hope of future excitement of the view from the top and a cool drink) you can learn to enjoy the excitement of the effort and the climate.

Sunny love from damp Dorset!

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