Moodscope: Being Strong

In the thirteenth of my series on the twenty Moodscope cards, it’s the turn of the “Strong” card.  Moodscope defines this as: “Feeling able to cope with difficulties”.

OK, I’ve got to come clean on this one – this is the card I personally find the hardest to give a high rating to.  Why?  Well even on my best day, it takes very little to reduce me to jelly.  I cannot cope with difficulties –period.  On reflection I think this comes down to simple accounting.

Basically, I’m bankrupt.  I’m devoid of a sufficient emotional “Emergency Fund” to cope with life’s constant disappointments.  So I’ll need to borrow from you.

Would you lend me your strength?  Would you lend me the strength of your friendship?  The strength of your hand on mine when words cannot find a way?  Would you invest your smile in me?  I love its radiance, even when it seems I’m not responding.  You are a star – a sun warming my heart on a cold day.

Would you give me your time?  I cannot repay you for this.  A moment of your attention – when you give the greatest gift: listening without criticism… or advice.

If you’ll do this for me, I think I can be strong today.

And I’ll be strong for you tomorrow.

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