Moodscope: The Scared Card

Moodscope Scared Card12 of 20: The Scared Card

In the twelfth of my series on the twenty Moodscope cards, it’s the turn of the “Scared” card.  Moodscope defines this as: “Feeling alarmed about something”.  Moodscope has a certain amount of doubling up for psychological validity.  For this reason, there are overlapping ideas.  I don’t see much difference between this and the “Afraid” card.  As such, I’d recommend the same strategies I shared on that card elsewhere in this blog series.

So, today, I’m going to go off-piste.  I love words.  “Scared” is a simple anagram of “Sacred”!  Tickled by this, I wondered, “Is being scared ever sacred?”  This led my thoughts back to the evolutionary value in this state of mind and body.  Should we venerate this state of vulnerability?


Being scared is a life-saver.  That’s its evolutionary purpose – to keep you and me safe.  In the UK we talk about being a “scaredy-cat” – because cats are really good at being scared.  They have good reason to be – the Universe is not always friendly.  So what does a scaredy-cat do?  First fact to notice is that a cat never sees itself as a mind-reader (hence the ESP Cards in the above image).  The cat tests the evidence, challenges the assumption of danger, and weighs the threat.  The cat uses all its finely-tuned empirical senses to check out the danger.  It responds to the “alarm” that the senses have triggered.  If there’s something there, the cat will then move away from the danger with feline grace.  If there isn’t danger, the cat will often shrug off the feeling and settle down to relax.

So, next time I’m feeling scared, I’m going to treat this as sacred – something valuable to venerate – and pretend I’m like a cat.  I’m going to use this card as if it was a “Code Blue” security alarm going off.  I’ll check out the perceived danger then respond.  I’ll move away from real danger, or return to my relaxed state.  Whatever the result, I’m going to perceive the feeling of being alarmed as initially helpful – a call to pay attention.

When I return to calmess, I will use this mantra: “I am calm; I am becoming calmer.”  (And there’s another delicious play on words: “calmer” and “Karma” lol)

Good Scared

Before I leave you today – I want to revisit the scared/sacred theme.  When I was a teenager, I was visited by a Being of Light.  It might just have been a dream, but it was utterly real to me at the time.

In the middle of the night, I was awoken by an intense column of light energy inside the doorway of my bedroom.  It was almost too bright to look at.  There was no form to it and no message (“Angel” means “Messenger” which is why this was not technically an angelic visitation).  There was, however, an intense feeling of holiness; so much so, I felt it right to get down to my knees.  I don’t really remember what happened next but I certainly went back to bed and slept soundly.

Confusion often follows such visitations.  Peter was confused when Jesus was transfigured on the Mountain top.  What was the significance of my visitation?  I haven’t got a clue.  But I was scared in the most delicious way!  Being scared is not always a bad way to be.  I enjoyed this feeling.  For me, this instance of being scared really was sacred.

I’d be curious to hear from other people who’ve had such experiences.

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