5 to 10, 60, 24, 7, 31, 90

5 to 10, 60, 24, 7, 31, 90

Can you crack the code?

I’d like to share some numbers from one the most important graphs I’ve ever come across.  I call the graph:

Sliding down into The Depths of Forgetfulness or Surfing the Recall Wave

– which would you prefer?

Recall 1

Here’s the code:

  • 5-10 = 5 to ten minutes – meaning you remember more just after the end of a meeting if (and only if) you can reflect without distraction;
  • 60 = an hour
  • 24 = a day (but you’d guessed that)
  • 7 = a week
  • 31 = a month
  • 90 = a ‘season’ or 90 days/3 months – whatever sticks in your mind.  I like it as “A Season of Review”.

Bottom line?  If you don’t review what you’ve learned and committed to, you lose 80% within 24 hours!  [Science: this is an over-simplification to make a point – many factors are involved.  But under laboratory conditions, these are the findings (Hermann Ebbinghaus)].

That’s the last of the bad news.

Recall 2

The good news is, if you review at certain key points on the memory time-line, your recall gets better.  The knowledge is never lost, it’s just lost to recall, but it can be recovered and improved upon with the right strategy…

Recall 3

The waves just get better…

Recall 4

…and better.  Ready to go from ‘good’ to ‘great’?

Recall 5

And, yes, it is the infinity symbol because it is the tipping point of recall.

If you review after 3 months (a ‘season’, 90 days), you end up with more than 100% recall.

How is this possible?

Simple: you’ve made it your own and added your own knowledge to the mix. You’ve invested yourself in the process.  You’ve made it ever more relevant to your own needs and created something very, very special.

Even Surfing that Wave is a waste of time without action, so…

What could you do to review something cool you’ve learned recently?  How could you do something similar at each of the review points?  How could you get them in your diary?

Thank You!

Thanks for your time – I’ll never squander it because it’s the stuff life is made of.  That’s a thought worth reviewing!


…Oh, do you want the bonus?

This is the perfect way to create “Customer Delight”.  If it’s true that you should never forget a customer and never let them forget you, this graph offers you the schedule for staying in sight, in mind… rather than the terrifying out-of-sight, out-of-mind.  Here’s the action timeline: Wow them by under-promising and over-delivering… then follow-up BUT BUT BUT this must be broadcast on Wii-FM.  Wii-FM is the only broadcast station that everyone tunes in to.  This means that you future contact with your customers must be on their wavelength.  The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil – and people sense that.  So it’s got to be win-win.  People love congruence and integrity.  Use this schedule with congruence and integrity and you will get memorable results!

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