Find Your Inner Diamond

Do you want to prosper?

If you do, you won’t have to look far.  Your life is a field.  A field in which there’s a diamond… buried.

I can help you find it.

It’s as simple as the vowels: AEIOU.

A = Attitude

Ever wondered why some people with obviously less skills than you (well, obvious to you that is) prosper more than you?  Often it is because of their perceived attitude.  Beauty and desirability lies in the eye of the customer.  These successful types have something that people want to be around – to be connected with – to be associated with.

Rather than moan about this, model it!  Mimic it!  Fake it ‘til you bake it… if you use the same recipe, you’ll get the same results – or even better.

E = Engagement

Many companies are finding this the “Best of Times” because they’ve found new ways of engaging their target customers.  Imaginative Social Media is the prime example.  Finding a way to engage with your clients that captures their imagination is the way to captivate their business, loyalty, dedication…

I = Information

Information is power.  Knowledge is power.  If you have information before anybody else, you have some IP.  Press photographers know this!  We need to release your inner Paparazzi-Power, that je ne sais quoi that drives to be the first to the scene to take that picture.  Pictures are just information – so how could you lead the field in your area?  Translate that information into becoming an author and you’ll find you’ve automatically become an authority.  There’s much lower prize money for coming second…

O = Operations

It not always what you do – sometimes it’s the way you do it.  It’s not the joke, it’s the way you tell it.  Millions of people walk, but when some people walk, you just have to pay attention!  I remember meeting a Canadian lady.  She was attractive, to be sure, but when she walked, people just stopped talking and started looking.  She was regal – real poetry in motion.

By now, you will have worked out some pretty neat and unique ways to save time, improve processes, get things done.  And you know what?  You’re so used to it, you probably don’t value what you know and the way that you do it.  But if other people would find your way of operating helpful, it’s valuable.  Make your process explicit then ‘bottle’ it…

U = Unique; or Younique.  At the end of the day, no one does “You” better than you do.  You’re a package deal: you come with attitudes, ways of engaging others, information, and smart ways of operating that really make a difference.  If you can honestly say you wouldn’t want to be anyone else, you are acknowledging that you’ve got something really special going on.

Chances are you can’t see your true value – but your friends can – the true ones.  They can see your true wealth, so, go ahead, ask them what they like about you.

Of course the trick is to recognise and accept this, replicate this, and publish or be damned!!!  Your IP is never an asset until it produces income for you without you having to deliver it yourself.  The book, the CD, the DVD series, the training programme facilitated by licensees, the patent, the copyright, the registered trademark… all these can become your team members working for you – allowing you to work on your IP business, not in it.

I think you’re brilliant.

Just agree.

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