Creating Congruence

Hey Transforming Folks…
I had a series of visions at 4.43am… and thought of you and also of the Living Coaching process.

Creating Congruence

Some of you will have a background of NLP.  If so, you may well be familiar with Neuro Logical Levels.
This is a series of levels that ‘Trump’ one another.
So, a company invests masses in a beautiful reception area (Environment) only to have this ‘good’ Trumped by the bad behaviour of their receptionist.

Suddenly I saw the levels in a new light: a house of cards.

You can get nearly everything right, but if one level is incongruent the noble ediface can tumble. Trump and tumble.

You know your worst nightmare… You can defeat yourself.  Self-destruct.  Like someone who builds the House of Cards only to get some strange satistaction from knocking down what they’ve worked on for so long.  Sound familiar?

Example: you do a great presentation (behaviour), you know you can do even better (capability), you begin to believe in yourself more and more (beliefs), but deep in your Identity there’s a bug in the software that begins, “I am…” and you can fill in the rest. This software bug at such a high level in the Operating System can compromise every single level below it.

I’ve seen it so many times when I’ve demonstrated without doubt that people have brilliant powers of recall.  If their identity includes, “I am rubbish at remembering names…” no amount of proof can transform their lives until they switch that identity to, “I am becoming better at remembering names.”  That’s true for remembering anything or demonstrating any other kind of capability.

So here’s my challenge: Create Congruence.
What would it take for you to be Congruent at all levels?
• Who would you need to be connected to? This includes the Spiritual aspect as the “invisible means of support”.
• Who are you? What are your great I Am statements?  Give me 7.  Please.
• What do you believe? Which beliefs need a little lexorcism? Which beliefs need some fresh nurture?
• Just how fabulous can you be? What levels of magnificence are you really capable of?
• What habits – daily behaviours – will support the development of your increasing capabilities?
• What environmental factors support you now? What needs to change in your environment to be congruent with your positive identities?

Of course, ’tis all in vain if you don’t take action.  Go on – I dare you!

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