Walking on Acorns

Walking on Acorns

Katrina and the Waves may have been “Walking on Sunshine” – but today I’ve been walking on the fruit of that Sunshine – acorns.  Most folks have heard the inspirational phrase, “Mighty Oaks from little acorns grow.”  It’s been a good year for our Oak trees, but we’ve just had one of the most dramatic storms in years (in the UK).  This has brought the acorns down in their thousands.

It is impossible to walk the local paths without treading on dozens of acorns.  I’m a large chap.  My weight can do nothing less than crush any acorn I tread on – at least while they are on the tarmac path.

This reminds me so much of the past.  You see, an acorn has all the potential it needs to become a Mighty Oak.  It’s all there in the seed.  But it needs the right soil.  It needs the right conditions.

An idea, is like an acorn.  It has within it everything it needs to become fully grown.  But it needs the right conditions to flourish.

Too often, in the past, I’ve shared my ideas with people who don’t get the idea or  who don’t understand ‘me’.

The result?

They’ve walked on my acorns and crushed them to dust.


And what a waste.

I am creative enough to realise that every single one of my ideas has the potential to grow to maturity.  Like an Oak tree, they may not look much like the acorn when they mature, but they’ve all got the potential.

I’ve allowed thousands of ideas to be crushed over the years.

Don’t let them grind down your acorns!

So my point is: don’t let certain people anywhere near your acorns.  Sometimes, even from the best of intentions, they will crush them… needlessly.

Make friends with Squirrels

There’s something I really like about squirrels.  They harvest acorns and they plant them.  Of course they may be seen as pinching them with a view to eating them (just like some people pinch ideas to feed themselves) but many of the Oak trees that have grown to maturity have done so because a squirrel planted an acorn.

Some friends can be like that.  They can help you take your idea, and they can get it planted in good soil.  You don’t have to do all this alone.

Go, find a friendly squirrel in your Social Network, one who is not hungry!  Share your ideas with them, and ask them to help you plant and nourish them.

Then, at the right time, you’ll both have more than enough acorns to feast upon!!

One thought on “Walking on Acorns

  1. Interesting. Reminds me of the parable that I’ve just made up. There were once three siblings, and each were given an acorn. Actually, no they weren’t let’s simplify this. The problem with acorns is you could get a bit carried away with their potential. You could say (even to yourself) “see this acorn – this one here. And see that great big oak tree. Yes the really big one. No, not that one, the bigger one to the left … Well, one day this little acorn could grow into a mighty oak. But the fact that it could – and it really could – doesn’t mean that it will, because it more likely won’t. So, today, I’m going to take more care of my small ideas. In fact I’m going to have a look around and see if I can collect up a few small ideas I might have lying around my feet. I’m going to collect them up and then I’m going to nurture them. Just in case, they turn out to be the next great oak. Thank goodness I ditched the parable, I could’ve been here for hours, and I’ve acorns to collect.

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