Sermon: Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot

Sting’s Song, “Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot” is a wonderful reminder that we have an inner guidance system.

That guidance system is as good as the information we programme into it.  The mind (or soul?) is a goal seeking system – it seeks resolution, conclusions, and destinations.  In fact there’s more than a little of the concept of “destiny” in “destination”…

GPS for the Soul

Today’s Sunday Sermon (for those of all faiths and for those yet to discover and define their faith) is about how to programme your soul’s GPS so it can get you on track for your chosen destiny and destination.

GPS-1-crop-and-transThe programming is straighforward.

It depends on understanding what “GPS” stands for (for the purpose of this blog):

  • Growth
  • Progress
  • Success

“Success” is the destination.  It answers the question, “What does success mean for me?”

“Progress” refers to the milestones along the way – those points on the journey where a celebration is in order.  If part of “success” for you is to get rid of some of your credit or store cards, each one would be a milestone.  It could be to do with reaching a target weight.  It may ticking something off your personal “Bucket List”.

“Growth” is to do with your satellite scanning senses.  You must have a “sense” of growth along the journey – so “Growth” answers the questions:

  • What does “success” look like for me?  How will I “see” that I am on track?
  • What does “success” sound like for me?  What will I hear that will tell me I am on course?
  • What does “success” feel like (physically and emotionally) for me?  What will I feel as success grows and grows nearer?

It all begins with “Success”

Just as with a GPS in the car, the journey begins with your chosen destination – your desired state.

It begs the question really, “How do I define success?”  “Success” is in the eyes, ears, heart and soul of the beholder.  If “Beanz Meanz Heinz” what does “Success” mean to you?

Mind Mapping your way to “Success”

Tony Buzan’s Mind Mapping is perhaps my most important tool on my own journey to “Success”.  Mind Mapping allows us to map out our flow of associations.  Consider the following template and its worked example:

Heinz-Brand-Spider-Template Heinz-Brand-Spider-Worked

Your own template for “Success”

Success Template png

You can, of course, right click on the image, and then print off a high resolution version if you’d like to use the template.  I’ve added three twigs to each branch just to encourage your thinking.  Some of you reading this will be very good at… … …finishing other people’s thoughts and sentences for them!  That’s because your brain loves to complete things – to get to the conclusion and destination.  By having lots of gaps, your brain will want to fill in the blanks.  Mind the Gap!  BUT you can add as many lines as you like.  This is because the clearer your vision of your destination (“Success”), the easier it will be for you to then chart the milestones (“Progress”) and recognise the signs of “Growth”.

GPS Map pngNow I’ve shared, I hope you can literally “see” for yourself how Mind Mapping could help you enjoy your own journeys in life.

living_coachingIf you would like a partner in this process, my compassionate and comprehensive coaching service has an unique process to accompany you along your planned route to Success.  I can help you discover fresh confidence in your own unique gifts.  I can guarantee you are more brilliant than you think you are… and, until you realise your potential, how could you possibly set the co-ordinates for the right destination?

Milestone by milestone, I can help you progress along the journey, enjoying all the sensations of growth as you near your chosen definition of “Success”.

Of course, you can go it alone – I’m going to be posting more blogs on this subject with tools that will help, but to me this is like eating alone or visiting a museum alone.  It might be peaceful, but it’s not the same as having someone to share your delights with.  Discover your destiny, and delight in the journey!

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