Economic Ecology

Youth Unemployment across Europe Guardian
Folks, we’ve got over half of the youth in Greece and Spain unemployed.

If you don’t think that matters, you’ll need to realise the Ecology of Economics.   The drain on the Eurozone will affect everything – because, as Leonardo da Vinci observed, everything is connected to everthing else.  This isn’t ‘their’ problem, this is ‘our’ problem,  In the Ecology of Economics, there is no ‘their’ or ‘them’ – it is all ‘us’!

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2 thoughts on “Economic Ecology

  1. Do you know that the shape of the graph says to me ‘Just lie back and relax, do nothing”.
    I find myself in the ranks of the lethargic masses. Shame on me.

  2. Well, you held off the relaxation long enough to make a comment Kate, and I’m grateful for that. I believe in the power of “Education” (or, if I was a Politician, in “Education, Education, Education.”) If we could just help our populations wake-up to the dangers of credit (Wonga at 5853% representative APR – that’s quoted on their site), and the power of having one’s own business – we could provoke a wonderful revolution where we could eventually get our money to work for us… whilst we just lie back and relax, and do nothing!!!

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