Poem: Father and Son

Dawn Poem for Joshua

Yesterday, I enjoyed the simple pleasures of Father and Son time.  Nothing too deep, though I’m sure we put our toes in the deep water.  We are both at crossroads in our lives, so it was lovely just to share the simple pleasures of a pizza out together, a rumage through Charity Shops, shopping in Waitrose for fresh salad, then supper together and time on the Wii.  Of course, we did do something posh: visited the Chained Library in Wimborne, but one is not allowed to take pictures of that.  We discussed what really brings us joy, and I can share that it wasn’t material stuff but rather expressive art and people.  Times like that are so important for recalibrating one’s values.  This morning’s sunrise was rather spectacular, and it blended with yesterday’s memories to inspire this gentle verse.

Father and Son

Just having fun;

Tales from our past

That passed by too fast;

Hopes for tomorrow

With new paths to follow;

And when our day comes to its end,

I wonder…

…when shall we meet again?

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