Poem: Dragon’s Breath


The Dragon’s Breath –

It stirs my heart;

Filled fiery lungs

From burning hearth.

Its gleeful whistle

Shrieks its bliss,

As pistons plunge

And greased joints hiss.

On through the tunnel

Out from the cavern

Surging through farmland

Past Church, Town and Tavern…

Calling all

To come pay attention

Recalling days of our past

The memories mention:

Times of our childhood

Dreamy days of bygone

Those ages may have faded

But the Dragon lives on!

One thought on “Poem: Dragon’s Breath

  1. This poem was inspired by “Ironmonger” – another Flickr user who left poems as comments on several of my photos. I was touched and also impressed by the gracious creativity of this gesture. This, in turn, inspired this poem – a virtuous circle of mutual-inspiration – as life should be. Please check out their photos at http://www.flickr.com/photos/ironmonger/

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