Poem: About Shantaram


I was so touched by this book, that I wrote the following poem about my experience.  Clearly, it was the right book at the right time for me but I would expect anyone with a heart that is still asking questions and seeking answers to Life’s big questions to be touched, disturbed, and moved by it.  If your life, like mine, is not ‘working out’ the way you’d hoped or expected, you may well find new perspective in these pages, new hope, or a least a welcome escape!  On a day when my life could have been saved but wasn’t, I turned to that other world that only books can offer, and found my solace there…


I’d found my escape through the pages of your book,

Fleeing beside you with each turn we took;

You released me from my mundane struggles

Thus, I’d take you to bed, and down we’d snuggle…

I lived again, through you, vicariously it seems for years

Your life, your loves, your hopes, your fears;

Knowing you more deeply with each turn of the pages

Taking only hours to read events that, for you, took ages.

They say, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

So I say, “thank you!” that my teacher drew near

And walked at my pace until I began to understand

What life’s decisions can do to a man.

{That life’s decisions make a man.}

Good deeds, bad choices, the road that’s not taken;

Regrets and remorse, and beliefs that are shaken.

New chapters and beginnings, great loss and then redemption;

Such sadness, such joy, such dilemmas, such tension.

You have made a roller-coaster of my heart –

The whole gamut of emotions rise and fall:

Joy, sorrow, relief, and grief –

I’ve travelled through them all.

And now our journey’s at its end

I’m proud to count you as my intimate friend.

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