In Inspiration’s Way

InspiredPlaying the “Inspired” Card.

I wanted to do a series that embraced all 20 cards from the Moodscope set (please see – you can measure your mood for free).  Today, it’s the turn of the “Inspired” card, which Moodscope defines as, “feeling the desire to do something.”

Inspiration is often the spark that ignites the engine of motivation, which is fuelled by encouragement.  What wonderful words: “inspiration”, “motivation”, “encouragement”. The feeling of inspiration starts with a thought, an idea, an insight.  Just as I can choose to turn the ignition key to fire the spark plugs in my engine, so also I can deliberately choose to put myself in a position where inspiration is likely to spark.  What sparks your inspiration?  Who is your inspiration?  When do you feel most inspired?

For me, I am at my most inspired early in the morning – often at Dawn.  A stroll around the small garden is often enough to notice a pattern in Nature that inspires me or new growth that brings me hope.  People’s use of phrases will often inspire a line in a poem.  Art galleries and museums inspire me.  Architecture inspires me.  Good writing inspires me.  In fact, wherever I place my attention, inspiration often follows.  This means that I can play my part in choosing where to put my attention.  There is an important aspect to my mindset, however; I am deliberately looking for inspiration – and that makes a world of difference.

Adventure movies sometimes talk of putting ourselves in harm’s way.  I’d rather have the happier adventure of putting myself in inspiration’s way.  How could you deliberately set yourself up for inspiration today?

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