Cement or Sand?

Playing the “Determined” Card

I wanted to do a series that embraced all 20 cards from http://www.moodscope.com.  Today, it’s the turn of the “Determined” card, which Moodscope defines as, “being resolute, showing determination.”

This is a card we really want to be scoring “2” or a “3” on, isn’t it?  A dictionary described it as, “having made a firm decision and being resolved not to change.”  To me, this is the difference between a line in the sand, and a line in cement.

When a friend’s son was little, he was a “determined” child!  His father had laid some fresh cement as a foundation for a shed, and his mother was warned to keep Michael away.  Michael was well known for his tendency to “explore”.  Penny turned her attention elsewhere for just a moment – enough for the be-wellied lad to make his footprint mark in the wet cement!  Like some Hollywood Star, his imprint immortalised his ‘moment’ of choice.  This is the difference between sand and cement – a quality of decision that has enduring permanence.

Michael was committed to exploring this option.  He was determined.  He now knows what “cement” means.  Even years later, the legend of his exploit endures!  So I wonder what one positive decision you could make today from which there will be no turning back, no negotiation, no debate?  Small is beautiful – so I’m not necessarily talking about the big decisions in life like dieting and exercise or giving up somehting.  I’m suggesting a small “win” that will boost your confidence to be ever more determined.  Perhaps it is enough to be resolute just for today!

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