Seven Daily Disciplines for a Life to the Full

Those readers who know my work well, know equally well that I am obsessed with living a life to the full.  The recipe for this, I believe, is to make sure you are thriving under seven headings: Movement, Nutrition, Reproduction, Excretiion, Growth, Respiraton, Sensitivity.  I am also constantly seeking to reduce the pursuit of these characteristics of a living organism to a practical set of daily disciplines.  So, here are the questions you could ask yourself at the beginning of the day, and at close of play for review.

Beginning of the day:

  • How will I move forwards today?
  • What will give me most energy today?
  • How will I share some of my talent, wisdom, experience, or skills today?
  • In what ways shall I reduce waste today?
  • Which areas can I grow in today?
  • How will I enter into a win-win exchange with others today?
  • How will I ensure that I am more aware today than yesterday?


Reflecting on the day:

  • How have I moved forwards today?
  • What has given me most energy today?
  • How have I passed on some of my skills, experience, wisdom, or talent today?
  • What have I learned from any set-backs today?  What have I learned from any successes today?
  • How have I grown as a person/business/family today?
  • What specific win-wins have happened today – how have I made a contribution?
  • What specifically have I become aware of today that has helped boost my vitality/the vitality of my business?

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