Your Sore Vein (a dark poem of hope, perhaps!)

If I dig this line along this vein,

Will this curse of consciousness depart?

Or will my thoughts outlive my breath,

And the failing of this heart?

If I dig this groove deep down this track,

Will the criticism stop?

Or will my personal inquisitor maintain his case

Mindless of whether I breathe or not?

And if I cut at once this sacred cord,

Will a silent bliss ensue?

Or will the static and the noise,

The mocking tone – continue?

If I sever what I’d formerly treasured,

Will peace, at last, come near?

I’ve not the conviction to face my doubts

And thus I must stay here.

Each wave of trouble comes to pass;

I turn to see its path:

A hurricane of hurt and tears

But I remain… in parts.

This longing for release will never cease –

This World I have found “wanting”,

But I lift my head, and face my dread,

Finding each break of day less daunting.



by grace…

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