The Banana Poet strikes again

Banana Poem 2


This Banana seeks an audience

With your oesophagus!

So, calm now!  Steady!

Don’t make such a fuss!

Peel off its clothes

And naked behold;

Then gobble it up

Before it gets cold!


[Again, with apologies to those who have been kind enough to like my more serious poems.  Years ago, I started writing messages on Penny’s banana for her lunch-box.  This has become a tradition that is now impossible to break.  Some of these “Message in a Banana” moments are just a kind word… but others are poems!  This makes me that poet with the invisible reputation – “The Banana Poet!”  Also, apologies for the spelling error in the video.  By the time I noticed it, she’d left with her banana.  I don’t fancy its chances of returning with poem intact…]

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