Poem: One Way Streets

One Way Streets


Most of my life

I’ve walked down One Way Streets

And, for most of the time,

I’ve walked the other way.


[But I couldn’t see the signs]


I’ve travelled “My Way”

But not necessarily the Right Way.

Oh, there have been good days,

And, of course, there are bad days


[But I couldn’t see them at the time – only afterwards]


Imagine a car

Without reverse!

That would be…


A curse!


But that is time:

It has no “reverse”

And wisdom seems to arrive

Just after you need it the worse.


Why is there so much “hearse” in “rehearse”?

The hearse will not come again a second time.

This is not a rehearsal, this is the real thing,

And life’s misadventures do not always

Rhyme (neatly or grammatically).


I may not be able to reverse

But I can turn.

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