The Beauty that is I Am

…sounds like broken English, doesn’t it, but stay with me awhile!  This is another suggestion for a blog to support the Moodscope community (  I’ve mentioned this kind of content before, but was struck today by the beauty of Ten Commandments compared with Ten Dynamic Statements…


The Beauty that is I Am


I love old movies.  Charlton Heston in “The Ten Commandments” was brilliant.  I like it when he stands before the burning bush and hears the bush make the statement: “I Am…”  And that leads me to one of the most important phrases in my life and anybody else’s life.  What comes after the words “I Am…” really defines us.


The Moodscope cards (see  give us an opportunity to recognise when “I am distressed…” or “I am jittery…” as a vital means to take our daily pulse.  However, it also gives us a chance to recognise ten magnificent states of mind:

  •  I Am Strong
  • I Am Excited
  • I Am Alert
  • I Am Determined
  • I Am Enthusiastic
  • I Am Active
  • I Am Attentive
  • I Am Proud
  • I Am Inspired
  • I Am Interested


I believe there is a huge amount of positivity to be released when we say these out loud to ourselves, and sometimes in front of others.  Of course most of them need some content or context.  For example, “I am determined to take three positive action steps today…” or, “I am inspired by the poem I am writing…” or, “I am really interested in the history programme that’s on tonight.”


Moving forward is often about catching ourselves getting things right… and having positive “I Am” statements is a great way to feel great.


Are you going to give it a go?  I Am!

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