Taking Control via The-Finger-of-Blame!

The-Finger-of-Blame-webIt’s tempting, when things go wrong, to point the finger.  Like the putting a finger to the lips, and saying, “Shhhhh!” – the pointing finger-of-blame seems to be an Internationally accepted gesture.  This is good news – because it means we understand it wherever we are reading this around the Globe.  It means that the event is the fault of whomever or whatever the finger-of-blame is pointing at.  The benefit of this is that we get a sense of temporary relief when we have convinced ourselves that it is someone or something else’s fault.  If we ruled the Universe, things would be different, wouldn’t they?

Well there is hidden power beneath the finger-of-blame. When you take a good long look at the finger-of-blame, you’ll notice three fingers below pointing back at you from your own hand.  These are not fingers-of-blame, but rather they represent a reminder that three opportunities are at hand.  These opportunities are a reminder that at least 3 times as many aspects of our lives are under our own control.  Yes, things do happen to us that are outside our control – events that truly are not our fault – but certainly no more than 25% of the time – considerably less in fact.  At least 75% of what happens in my life is directly under the influence of my own decisions, my own actions, and my own beliefs.

This means that even on the most annoying, irritating day, I can still look at my own hand and realise I’ve got the odds 3:1 in my favour.  Then I decide on 3 actions I will take to improve my day, and I feel the power of control through taking action coursing through my veins.

Let your own hand be a reminder of just how powerful you are.  You choose your beliefs.  You make your decisions.  You are the one taking the action…  You got da power!

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