Playlists for Performance

The Rhythm of Life – Entrainment

“Entertrainment®” comes from a reframing of my business many years ago.  I realised that our core business of “training” was conditioned and affected by the quality of the “entertainment” I delivered on my workshops.  We’ve all experienced trainers who don’t really care about their clients, but who are very, very entertaining. Thus we forgive them and give them more and more work.

So what if you could be a trainer who genuinely cared and who was entertaining?  Wouldn’t this be a kind of magic?  “It’s a kind of magic” used to be the theme-tune to my workshops because this combination of integrity, engagement, and entertainment really works – like magic!… but there’s more!  Sitting behind all this is a biological and physical phenomenon called “Entrainment”.  ( “Entrainment” is the synchronous result of two systems interacting – building a rhythmic relationship.  So what?  Well, everything we do as social animals influences other social animals – it even crosses species.  The gentle purring of the cat on my lap, given 20 minutes, will encourage an altered-state-of-rhythm in my heart and physiology.  The flickering light of an open fire, gently glowing on a cold night will also encourage a deep state of relaxation.

Fast paced music (try a bit of “Sub Focus” or “Nero”) will get your heart-racing and lead to a fab workout at the gym… and sea shanties can help you work rhythmically as a team to get a physical task done more efficiently.

You are a Broadcaster!  Your scents, your tone of voice, the pace of your voice, the modulation in the volume of your voice, the flutter rate of your eyelashes and eyelids, the movement of your hands, the way you walk… all these are rhythmic signals that affect those around you.  My female friends have even experienced the most powerful example of entrainment – a certain unpopular monthly cycle synchronising with other females they share their lives with!  How spooky is that?  No wonder certain rhythms of habit (= culture) develop in departments.  Someone is the “Alpha Leader” and everyone else entrains to the beat.  I think you are a natural leader.  Take up the mantle and set the pace!

The “Ah” Factor is increased further when you realise that a baby’s health can be influenced by the beat of a carer’s heart.  Irregular heart-beats can be stabilised and strengthened if the child’s ear can hear and feel the heart-beat of someone who is cuddling them.  Not only is this lovely, it is also life-saving science that is non-invasive.  All humans that respect one-another begin to synchronise.  They match speech rates, and they even begin to move in harmony.  This is the rhythm of rapport and the rapport of rhythm.  Well, the fastest way to tap into the magic of entrainment and to become your own “Entrainer” or even “Entertrainer” is to choose the music you want to “dance” to today…

Practical Suggestions for Today

On your playlist for today, let there be three groups of tracks:
•    Rhythms to Travel to
•    Rhythms to Work to
•    Rhythms to Relax to

Just as there is a “Rhythm of Life” so also can there be “Playlists for Performance”!

And, by the way, I’d love to hear of your track selections!  You can email me directly:

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