So Let It Be Written

So Let It Be Written; So Let It Be Done!

The Power of Writing Matters Down

I loved “The Ten Commandments” with Yul Brynner as a moody Ramses.  My favourite line is his seemingly final and defiant challenge to Moses, “So let it be written, so let it be done!”

I have been struck, recently, with the hidden power of the written word. The power of the spoken word has always impressed me, even though it seems to be fleeting (in most situations!)  There is, however, a certain finality about the written word – an enduring, almost eternal permanence.

Could it be that the written word has a power all of its own?  I can only speak of the evidence in my own life.  Since writing down my goals and intentions, I have been enchanted by the seemingly magical results this frequently produces.

The great thing about this blog comment is that it is so easily put to the test.  At the beginning of each morning, write down some of your grand visions for life, not just your ‘to do’ list for the day.  Then track what happens over the coming week.  You can comment on how well this worked for you. is a YouTube link to the relevant scene from the movie.  Enjoy!

Afterthought… I think what you write on and what you write with is almost as important to the ritual of writing as the words themselves.  If you like Pinterest, and I hope you do, I’ll set up a board for writing instruments and gorgeous notebooks.  My Pinterest can be found at

One of my favourite Fiona’s (and there are lot in my life – you know who you are…) taught me the value of learning from the Russians… the Americans (whom I love too!)  invested heavily in the development of a pen that would write in zero gravity (Fisher Spacepen).  This was not funded by NASA, but by the vision of the Fisher pen company themselves.  It cost millions to develop.  When challenged as to how the Russians would face the dilemma of writing in Zero G, the Russians declared they just gave their Cosmonauts a pencil!!!  Fiona often used to send my cards written in pencil, and I found it particularly attractive.

[By the way, the Fisher Space Pen is actually a better solution.  Leads can break in space and become a hazard.  The wood of any pencil is also a hazard in the pure Oxygen environment.  I don’t think this spoils the wit of the Russian’s cheaper solution to the same issue, but it does redress the balance to recognise the genius of Paul C Fisher.]

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