The “I Am” Ring of Confidence

The Ring of Truth

The “I Am” Ring of Truth – and the “I Am” Ring of Confidence.

Jewelry is like U2 to me… sometimes I don’t listen to this excellent band for months on end, and then I just have to listen to tracks like “Where The Streets Have No Name”…  In a similar way, I usually don’t ‘do’ jewelry.  This is useful, because wearing my ring again is a  novelty (and we know that novelty is a powerful aspect in the neuroscience of transformational psychology.)

My Ring is a Magic Ring!  It seems many people have the same issue I have with rings… like bra-straps, they won’t stay in place!  This also is useful (not the bra-straps bit…)  The need to straighten my ring at regular intervals could be an annoyance (hang-on a minute, this will work for your bra-strap too…)  It acts as a pattern-interrupt.  This pattern-interrupt can then be used as a reminder – a reminder that can serve a grand design and purpose.

What is your purpose?

I am keenly attuned to people’s use of “I Am” statements.  They are often negative, for example, “I am no good at time-keeping.”  I am using my ring – and the need to straighten it, to remind myself of positive alternative “I Am” affirmations.  For example, every time I have to adjust my ring, I think of a great “I Am” declaration.  “I Am an Author” “I Am a Photographer” “I Am an Artist” etc.

This is much more useful than statements such as, “I am fed up today,” or “I am frustrated,” or “I am losing my temper,” or “I am always forgetting things!”

My belief is that our “I Am” statements define our life-history, and direct our destiny.  This is why my ring is a ‘magic’ ring – our words, as an expression of our beliefs, have power in them.  They have the power to curse, the power to damn, the power to bless, and the power to heal.  Too often I forget this.  Now, with the help of my ring of truth, with the aid of my ring of confidence, I can remember to bless myself and others (at least until the novelty wears off!)

Go, get be-jeweled… or go shopping!  And the next time that strappy top annoys you, because it won’t stay in place, rejoice and use it as a reminder to say something nice about yourself to yourself – after all “Bra” is Norwegian for “Good!” xx

One thought on “The “I Am” Ring of Confidence

  1. I wear a ring on each hand. One to remind and one to remember. Both cause me to keep my thoughts heading in the right direction, so makes me strong and positive

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