The Nature of PsychoGeometrics

The Nature of PsychoGeometrics

Jungian Archetypes would suggest that we should find PsychoGeometrics® as recurring patterns in Nature.  If so, these patterns should also reflect the key drivers of PsychoGeometric Styles.

Cubes – the three dimensional box – are strongly represented in Geology, a Life Science I adore.  They appear in Nature as a structural building block, reflecting the psychological preference for order, structure, and mathematical precision.  As always there are some excellent articles on Wikipedia: Cubic Crystal System and Diamond Cubic.

Triangles are manifest in the behaviours of many birds in flight.  The V formation focuses on greater efficiency, speed, and results – classical triangular traits.  In a formation of 25 birds, drag (for all but the leader) is reduced by 65%, giving a 71% increase in range.  Interestingly, the system only works when combined with the circular strategy of rotating the lead position – hammering home the key psychogeometric message that you are never exclusively one shape.  Psychological health comes from a combination of shapes.  I stress here that Dr Susan Dellinger’s PsychoGeometrics® is primarily portrayed as a model for Communication Styles – rather than Psychological Types.

There are many Circular Strategies in Nature.  My favourite is used by the Mighty Musk Oxen to protect their young from predators.  Those strong in the Circle Communication and Behavioural Style use exactly this behaviour in organisations.  When their team members are threatened, they close the circle protectively around the vulnerable members, preparing to repel invaders!

And, of course, there are a few squiggles in Nature…

The Squiggle is the natural pattern or strategy for flow – whether that be the flow of water, air across a varied landscape, or the energy of electricity in the lightning bolt.  Fascinatingly, the Squiggle is usually in motion and fleeting.  I know I’m challenging to deal with for some of my clients (and friends) because the flow is either there or not – and not always at the most convenient time.  But, when it is there, it is dynanic  and a force of Nature to be reckoned with!

Remember, you can always choose + change the shape you’re in!

The Shadow in the Mirror

New NLP for Today and TomorrowShadowing Someone…

Shadowing someone has always had the deepest respect in the Human Resources and Personnel communities.  It is a natural way to learn the skills required for a role.  It is natural because this is the way we learn from our earliest years.  Mimicry is how we pick up language, gestures, and accents… it is the very “stuff” of Civilisation.  It is also how we pick up the more intangible aspects of “Being Human” that will then dictate the results we achieve throughout the rest of our life.  What are these intangibles?  Well, they are our beliefs (which actually aren’t really ‘ours’ – we pinch them from people we admire or fear when we are tiny!)  These beliefs and attitudes become just as much a part of our Neural Code as language, accents, and mannerisms.  This has to happen for humans to work in social groups.

The Ghost in the Neural Code

Like any computer programme or application, our Neural Code has bugs in it.  Some, if not most of our beliefs and attitudes need an adjustment – a tweak, a tune.  We need to challenge the patterns of thought, and sometimes break the code.  As a Code-Breaker, you can transform – even transfigure – your life and your look and even your outlook!  Now, you can do this the easy and the hard way!  The easy way is to learn from Shadowing. We learn very quickly and deeply through associating with others that we would like to be more like.  The hard way is to do some deep trawling through your psyche and feng shui your beliefs and attitudes.  Both are valuable.

But let’s take the easy path today – we’ll come back to the other at the bottom of this blog…

In Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), we talk about “Mirroring” – as part of a more complete approach of “Pacing and Leading” in order to live in “Rapport” with others.  [I’ve put these phrases in inverted commas because if you’re to dig deeper you’ll have to understand the commonly used short-cut phrases used in the NLP Community and Literature.]  For some, mirroring has a bad reputation – they see it as manipulative.  Shadowing doesn’t have this negative association so I wanted to point out that mirroring is a sub-set of shadowing.  When you shadow someone, I guarantee you’ll end up mirroring them.  Mirroring is actually a short-cut on the road to effective shadowing.  So what can you do?

  1. Find someone you want to be more like
  2. Create a reason to spend more time around them
  3. When you’re with them, subtly shadow (ie mirror) their movements, gestures, and… breathing!
  4. Notice the magic that begins to manifest…

I am regularly delighted at noticing when my breathing patterns come into natural synchrony with those I love.  It just happens just because we are in deep rapport.  And this is the fast-track to rapport building with those you want to be closer too – like a shadow moves in harmony with the source, so two friends can breath as one.  It’s no surprise that many of the World’s languages (and religions…yuk!) use ‘breath,’ ‘spirit,’ and ‘wind’ synonymously.  Want to be more spiritual?  Get your breathing under control!

Hint: this is just a quick blog, and a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.  Think before you experiment with these techniques.  What is your purpose and intention?  If these are good, you’ll be OK.  Mirroring everything other than breathing works best when there is a delayed response.  For example, if someone moves their hands about while expressing their thoughts verbally, you will look like a windmill if you move your hands about while listening to them!  Instead, nod and grunt your affirmations at the same pace.  Then, and only when it’s your turn to talk, use similar gestures at an identical pace.  Match their volume and tone – and, if appropriate, their deliberate choice of phrases.  Breathing, on the other hand, needs to be in absolute synchrony.

If you want to go deeper in re-writing your own Neural Code, here’s a suggestion…

H.A.R.P.™ – The New NLP for Today and Tomorrow

H.A.R.P.™ means “Human Associative Re-Patterning” – a methodology that enables you to re-write your neural code.  So what?  Well, when you re-write the code, you get more control over the results you generate in life.  Which means that if you want more options, more choice, more empowerment, more influence, and more of a life to the full, H.A.R.P.™ is the fastest way to get you there.  H.A.R.P.™ works through live training workshops and a mentoring scheme called, “Mentor the Dragon” – designed to ignite the fire of your “Inner Dragon” and release your Neural-Chi.

H.A.R.P.™ has a rich heritage.  It is a fusion of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), + the applications of Association championed by Vanda North and Tony Buzan, + the re-patterning techniques of Edward de Bono and his family, + the understanding of attention and Scripts that comes from Transactional Analysis, + a deep love of the insights of Carl Jung, + a healthy, bang-up-to-date dose of Neuroscience and its relevance for psychology.

Dear Zebradee and Ron usually respond to these blogs, and I’m sure they, like me, would like some company in opening a dialogue.  If you respond, I’d like to send you a slightly tongue-in-cheek promo I’ve mocked-up for my “Mentor the Dragon” service.  God Bless Us All!

The “I Am” Ring of Confidence

The Ring of Truth

The “I Am” Ring of Truth – and the “I Am” Ring of Confidence.

Jewelry is like U2 to me… sometimes I don’t listen to this excellent band for months on end, and then I just have to listen to tracks like “Where The Streets Have No Name”…  In a similar way, I usually don’t ‘do’ jewelry.  This is useful, because wearing my ring again is a  novelty (and we know that novelty is a powerful aspect in the neuroscience of transformational psychology.)

My Ring is a Magic Ring!  It seems many people have the same issue I have with rings… like bra-straps, they won’t stay in place!  This also is useful (not the bra-straps bit…)  The need to straighten my ring at regular intervals could be an annoyance (hang-on a minute, this will work for your bra-strap too…)  It acts as a pattern-interrupt.  This pattern-interrupt can then be used as a reminder – a reminder that can serve a grand design and purpose.

What is your purpose?

I am keenly attuned to people’s use of “I Am” statements.  They are often negative, for example, “I am no good at time-keeping.”  I am using my ring – and the need to straighten it, to remind myself of positive alternative “I Am” affirmations.  For example, every time I have to adjust my ring, I think of a great “I Am” declaration.  “I Am an Author” “I Am a Photographer” “I Am an Artist” etc.

This is much more useful than statements such as, “I am fed up today,” or “I am frustrated,” or “I am losing my temper,” or “I am always forgetting things!”

My belief is that our “I Am” statements define our life-history, and direct our destiny.  This is why my ring is a ‘magic’ ring – our words, as an expression of our beliefs, have power in them.  They have the power to curse, the power to damn, the power to bless, and the power to heal.  Too often I forget this.  Now, with the help of my ring of truth, with the aid of my ring of confidence, I can remember to bless myself and others (at least until the novelty wears off!)

Go, get be-jeweled… or go shopping!  And the next time that strappy top annoys you, because it won’t stay in place, rejoice and use it as a reminder to say something nice about yourself to yourself – after all “Bra” is Norwegian for “Good!” xx