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Signature Sandwiches

Oh happy Saturday serendipity. At this time of year, there is a Blackbird who has chosen his song-post to be outside the bedroom window. And, boy, can he sing! His scheduled concerts are at 5.15am and after April showers! Being an early bird myself, I don’t mind being awoken by such pure artistry. He is a rather pleasant alarm clock. This morning, I leapt out of bed to record him… and the amazing orchestra of birds that perform around the field at the top of the road. The noise level is amazing. And thus I got to thinking…

Each of these birds has a “Signature Song” – a sound that marks them out as “Significantly You” – and in a fiercely competitive context. They must fight to be heard in the masses. This unique sound and song is what may make the difference between success and ‘also ran’ in their race-for-life this Spring. Returning to the house, I thought I would mix the birdsong over a video of a most innovative app: Waviary on the iPad. This is a musical instrument, visual artform, and relaxation application that uses swirling patterns as the triggers for the sounds. Your fingers play the finger-print like swirls, and you create “Your Song”. And thus I got to thinking…

What’s “Your Song”?  An opportunity to share with a new friend, my “Signature Band” the other night, was a moment of pure magic… especially when that friend ‘got it’ and thus ‘got me’.  Finding your song is part of discovering yourself.  Now, let me return to this morning in Lytchett Matravers…

Returning to the house, I am greeted by Miguel the Cat, with his own Signature Purr, we had a loving moment where I stroked him in the way he particularly likes to be stroked (again, a Signature Style and Preference), and then washed my hands. The soap I use has a Signature Scent – all part of its branding. Next to it was a bottle of hand lotion from Sanctuary Spa, Covent Garden. This brand has a delicious orange, citrus scent – it’s strongly associated with them in my mind. And this brought my thinking to this…

Finding Your Signature Style

In perhaps my Signature Movie, “Dead Poets’ Society”, Mr Keating admonishes the boys to find their own rhythm, their own voice, their own walk. Sanctuary Spa has found its own scent. Thus the thoughts begin to flow. What’s your Signature Scent? What’s your Signature Sound? Your Signature Song? Movie? Wine? Rhythm? Colour? Taste? After all, it all comes down to a matter of taste, doesn’t it?

Some of you may be thinking, “I haven’t got a clue!” But you have, the clues are all there, you just need to let them surface to the conscious level. You know your favourite flavours. In a similar way, at a deeper level, you know the answers to all the headings above. Once you bring these points to a level of consciousness, you can begin some Brand sculpting… you might want to change some aspects or just tweak them. Great musicians and artists will use signature instruments, sounds, phrases, colours, and shapes to bring aspects of a personality into their work. In “Peter and the Wolf”, each character has their own theme. What a wonderful treat I set before us today – to find our theme (if a musician was to introduce us), and our image (if Dali or a PreRaphaelite Painter had a surreal or secret symbol for us). And you must find your plumage! I’ve just been watching two raucous Black-Headed Gulls arguing in their Summer Plumage. They look like they’ve dipped their heads in ink-pots. Thanks to them, I even know now what my Signature Collar Style is, and Signature Cut of Couture.

Once you’ve begun discovering your Brand Identity – find a friend – a true friend (perhaps a “Significant Other”!)  Ask (don’t show) them how they would associate you with whatever headings you’ve identified. You can soften it to say something like, “What’s my favourite scent, natural and manufactured?” “What’s my favourite colour?” Then you will be able to unveil whether or not you have Brand Alignment! If you don’t, I wouldn’t worry (unless it’s critical for your business) – this is Your Brand we are talking about – whether others ‘get it’ is their responsibility. Today, I’m only interested in how You perceive yourself.

Significantly Yours


Btw, if you’d appreciate some Signature Brand catalysts to get you started, here are some headings as triggers: genre; beverage; word; rhythm; song; movie; painting; painter; musician; band; sound; instrument; pen; pencil; nib; hand; tone; volume; pace; gait; wine; food; dish; scent (natural and also manufactured); bird; animal; watch; application; piece of technology; cut of cloth; shoe style; dance; colour; texture; taste; flavour; best-friend (the company you keeps says a lot about you); laughter… xx