Can we direct our own Evolution? Perhaps not at a physical level (though I wonder what will happen in the next 10 years?) Absolutely, on a psychological level. Each evolutionary jump is a choice point. Just as surely as the combination of base pairs in DNA changes life, so a new choice point transforms our experience.

It’s time for some new choices. Those of us who don’t have the security of the rich need to realise that the rich are only “rich” because we’ve continued to say “yes” to bad deals. Jesus knew all about this 2000 years ago. One of His parables talks about workers complaining about others who got the same wage for less work. The vinyard owner challenges the complaining workers, “Didn’t you agree to work for this wage?” The answer is surely a “Yes, but…” but then that’s life. If you’re being ripped off, it’s because you’ve said “Yes!” when you could have said “No!”

It’s time for us disadvantaged people to start saying, “Yes!” to good choices, and a resounding “No!” to bad deals. I know – I’ve said “Yes” to my clients who’ve wanted the same work or even more for less and less money. Meanwhile, they have their holidays (and holiday homes!) while I am just about to lose my home. “Doh! Wake up!” I hear you shout! Well, Yes! Perhaps we can wake up together. I will be losing a flat in a building that will have 35% empty flats because they are owned as second homes. That’s wrong people.

I’m going to be saying “No!” a lot more… want to join me? (Say, “Yes!”)

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