Be Reasonable… Not!

The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable man persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man. (George Bernard Shaw)

I stand amazed at two of the most committed Christians I know in my life.  Never have I met two people more blind to their own lack of love, courtesy, and thoughtfulness.  Iremember another committed Christian accusing me of adulterous activity with a good friend with whom I just had a good friendship.  These are people who think they are pleasing God and pleasing to God!!!  This is why I fear the ‘reasonableness’ of Fundamentalism, regardless of the Creed-Brand-Bagde it wears.

2011 requires the wisdom of toddlers… those who dare to ask, “Why?”… and perhaps, “Why Not?” or even, “What would happen if…?”

I am no longer impressed with hardline religious reasoning that says who are we to argue with the Almighty.  When I was a young parent, and my children younger still, I would not hold them to account for their actions.  They were ‘innocent’ at least until age 12… and, frankly, I wasn’t much move evolved than them – just a little more experienced.

God, on the other hand, claims to be much more ‘evolved’.  Thus, in 2011, I abandon guilt and other cancerous emotions, and pursue only that which is good, and true, and noble, and kind… (hang on a minute, that sounds like a New Testament quote…)

AND I intend to be unreasonable.  I believe ‘reason’ tends to protect only those in power and who are taking advantage.  It’s time to say, “No!” a lot more often… and “Yes!” to being true to ones own self.

New Beginnings, Old Wisdom

I thought, “Why not begin 2011 with a commitment to broadcasting via blog, Internet Radio, et al?”  I know that as I approach 50 years of age, there’s a great deal of matters I wish I had known at 18 – and all material that was accessible at that age.

Of course, I’m sure that if I reach 80, I’ll turn my nose up at my so-called ‘wisdom’ of 50 years experience… but one must try!

Thus, my three guiding lights for 2011 are ‘Love’, ‘Kindness’, and ‘Oomph!’

‘Love’ is a great guiding principle – asking oneself, “Is this the loving thing to do?” is a great filter on one’s behaviour.  I’m not talking squishy love here… sometimes people, such as bullies, need to be put in their place – but that’s the loving thing to do.

‘Kindness’, for me, is always tangible – something you can see, hear, touch, smell, or taste.  It is inseparable from ‘Acts of Kindness’ – one of the reasons I like the Salvation Army’s approach to practical lovingkindness.

‘Oomph!’ is something else.  I am distressed by the lack of ‘Customer Service’ in the UK.  A lack of ‘spark’.  I want to engage with people… in shops, in the street, on the phone – at every contact point.  Peter Gabriel said, “I have the touch”…  do you?

Oomph! is the drive that lights the match the first time; it’s the confidence that causes your signature to flow; it is the natural style of the artist at home in their own skin and style.  It is not hesitant, nor is it apologetic.  It is focussed on the results it wants.  It is the chilli of life… and by God, the Spice Must Flow!